MEDUWA - MEDicines Unwanted in WAter

MEDUWA develops innovative solutions in the whole medicine chain to avoid emissions of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and multi-resistant micro-organisms into soil, (tap) water, air and food, as much as possible at the source.
MEDUWA works within a (sub)basin and aims at a comprehensive approach.
All the actors from the medicine chain and water chain in the region are involved in the activities, and together they form a so-called Community of Practice.
To promote higher risk perception and decision making, contamination and effects of measures are mapped using a geographic information system (GIS).
Behavioral factors that create and maintain pollution are the starting point for its solution.
Different types of source-oriented measures are considered: measures that have a direct impact on the environment and measures that have no direct effect on the environment, that however are indispensible. Examples of the latter measures are education and training. Measures deal with a broad spectrum of emission sources and environmental routes, and both can be generic and medicine (group) specific.
From 2017 until 2020 the INTERREG-VA MEDUWA-Vecht (e) coalition of 27 German and Dutch partners develops a complementary package of measures, including:
MEDUWA-Vecht (e) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the regional program partners, and the participating project partners.

MEDUWA resulted from a collaboration between organizations with very different social tasks and target groups: Water Authority Vechtstromen, Almelo; The Institute for Responsible Medicine Use (IVM), Utrecht; The Integrated Assessment Society (TIAS), Osnabrück, and Huize Aarde, Enschede. The coalition has been extended to small companies and research institutes in the Netherlands and Germany to co-develop innovative solutions. Are you interested in this approach? Please contact Huize Aarde.

See also the oficial MEDUWA.EU site and see SOSPharmaH, an approach in which hospitals take the lead in this collective learning proces.