cooperation with the Saxion Polytechnic incentive for innovation

Drs. Wim Boomkamp, Member of the Council of governing board of the Saxion colleges Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede:

“At a great pace Saxion Polytechnic develop of school to a knowledge institute. An institute where, next to looking after higher education and commercial activities, more and more attention is paid to research and exchange with companies and (social) institutions. In the past educational institutes were mostly black boxes. In our current education we let lead us much more by questions from companies and institutions. As a result, students and teachers participate actively in several projects and other innovative cooperation’s. For the Saxion Polytechnic the cooperation and connection with companies and institutions in the region forms the artery of its existence as an institution for higher vocational training.
Against above setting students of the academies Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Biology and Laboratory Research, Information and Communication technology and Management, Economy and Law work closely with the Stichting Huize Aarde. Students and teachers, together with Huize Aarde, elaborate new developments in the field of green health care and connected complex research questions in the field of environment and security.
For students this is a component of their education programme. By their support students learn to solve complex practical questions. A particular circumstance is the multidisciplinary character of the questions and working method. This is very important because practice and education can’t be divided into boxes, professions or academies. The importance of these forms of participation for both the field of action or social institutions and students in the higher profession education are obvious”.