Green Hospitals
The aim of Green Hospitals is the introduction and/or strengthening of socially responsible management by health care institutes. A “green” hospital or other health institution:
  • has a broad view on health;
  • is committed to prevention of diseases without medicalising;
  • takes into account unwanted side effects of the healthcare practice in the short to long term, short to long distance, and small to large scale;
  • offers an integral service to the patient, family and community;
  • provides physically and mentally healthy working conditions;
  • is aware of the price, costs and value of energy, water and other resources;
  • is alert to the risks to human health and the environment of the use of synthetic substances.
SHA has worked with hospitals in South America (Venezuela and Colombia) and two Dutch hospitals on environmental care issues (see experiences and photo album Venezuela; ver experiencias y foto album Venezuela). As a result of this collaboration: